Our culture can be summarized as follows:

  • We view the practice of law as a profession which means we put our client’s interests first.
  • We will only take work in which we will add value.  If we don’t think we can add value, we will tell you.  We will strive to give you the highest quality of legal services.
  • We will work hard for you.  We like working hard.  We like the practice of law. We will attempt to do more than what is expected of us.
  • Our clients hire us generally to do things that are not easy.
  • We have good sandbox skills.  We play well with others.  We are confident and we don’t need to beat up on people to look and be good.
  • If we need help outside of our area of expertise, we will only refer you to people who are good.  We know who we are recommending to clients and our reputation is on the line when we make referrals.
  • We do better with clients who want to work as a team or partner with us.