The EB-5 Finance program is intended to encourage the flow of foreign capital into the United States economy and to promote employment of United States workers. The program is multidimensional, implicating public finance, corporate finance, securities, tax and immigration laws. In exchange for a minimum investment of $1 million (or $500,000 using regional centers in a targeted employment area) in a commercial enterprise that will employ at least 10 full‑time U.S. workers, the immigrant investor secures preferential, EB-5, status. Moneys invested by the immigrant investor can be used as a significant component of the capital stack for any public finance project meeting the requirements of the EB-5 program.  Mr. Keim was one of the members of the EB-5 team while a member of Kutak Rock LLP.  He provided advice regarding the funds and entities for the EB-5 process.  We will partner with other firms to provide a full range of services required for this type of financing.